Private industry is a major employer in Columbus County along with government, healthcare agencies and agriculture.

Columbus County has experience with a number of international manufacturing operations, originating in countries such as Germany, China, Canada and Japan. 

Our mid-Atlantic location places us directly between New York City and Miami and provides local companies with an ease of distribution for their products to the entire population of the East Coast. Additionally, our close proximity to I-95, I-40, and the Port of Wilmington gives industry leaders the cost efficiencies in distributing their products that are necessary to compete effectively. 

Companies involved in food processing, product distribution, and advanced manufacturing have all found Columbus County a great place to do business.

Largest Manufacturing Firms

*Corporate Headquarters in Columbus County

Largest Non-Manufacturing Employers

*Corporate Headquarters in Columbus County

Retail & Healthcare

*Corporate Headquarters in Columbus County

Public Administration & Education

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Expansion and relocation target industries suited for Columbus County include textiles, agri-industry, food processing, energy and metalworking, defense and military. North Carolina's Southeast Regional Economic Development Partnership has compiled data with specific information highlighting resources in Columbus County

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Fortune 500 Companies Operating in Columbus County